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|| Sadgurunath Maharaj Ki Jai ||       || Mahayogi Swami Umananda Saraswati Ki Jai ||
Spiritual & Family Background

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  Gurudev's PHD Dnyaneshwari Once again

Dharmalankar Swamiji Radhikananda Saraswati believes that "aatma" the divine mother kundalini is the eleventh avatar. Just as the "Turiya State" is called the 4th state because it follows the first three state Jagruti, Swapna, Sushupti but yet is not the fourth state because it is the supporter of these three states. Similarly Mother Kundalini is the eleventh avtar after Dashaavtar but yet is the very support of the dashaavtar.

Swamiji says that it with the support of this divine mother Kundalini that God has attain their godliness while saints and sages explaining the mythological depiction of Bramha, Vishnu, Mahesh , Swamiji says that the serpent around lord Shiva's neck symbolises the journey of mother Kundalini . It signifies that with the help of kundalini yoga, man can have a better understanding of the divinity within himself. Lord Vishnu resting on the serpent "Shesh" represents the state of perfected man .Lord Bramha , symbolises the ultimate state of knowledge which is reached when the divine mother kundalini reaches the "Sahastrar" fully bloomed It is the yogic swaroop of man.

Dnyandev called mother kundalini the seventh kala Those who performed yogasans achieve levitation with the help of 16 joints (Kalas) in the body. but with the help of this seventh kala man can elevate his entire living. The divine mother Kundalini within us guides us through her various energy present in "Pran".

Now a man in order to live a happy as successful life in today's distorted and chaotic world should be introduced to Kundalini yoga and it's science. In coming millennium Swamiji says it would be most rightful to promote every aspect of Kundalini yoga to the entire humanity.